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Floor Time is a weekly Friday newsletter designed to bring some levity to your inbox. You can expect irrelevant content, a touch of self-deprecating humor, and good ole fashioned fun. Try it out—subscribe here

Floor Time
​​/flôr tīm/

  1. the 15-60 minute time period spent laying on the floor in the middle of the work day, typically as a relief from the soul-sucking reality of corporate America. 

I love good food and even though I love who I surround myself with, I also relish in my own company. This is my official campaign for you to also become a solo diner.

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I went to Québec City for a weekend and you should, too! Here is my attempt to be a travel blogger.


What's your rose, bud, and thorn of 2022? Leave them behind!

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I am very much a morning person. Allow me to share with you the benefits of having a distinct morning routine. 


Here are almost all the thoughts I had during the 1 hour 35 minutes of pure bacchanalia (or at least something vaguely resembling it) that is "Falling for Christmas."


I do believe in the idea of soulmates, but I vehemently do not believe that we only have one. And I think most of us have already found some, even if they're not romantic partners. 


Great company makes for a great time. And you don't need to go out to find it. Here, I talk about the beauty of an autumn house party.

david pumpkins

Fall at Trader Joe's is not just a season. It's a way of life. It's a personality. It's the culture. It's the moment AND the movement. It's in the bad bitch genre.

Butternut Squash M&C

I thought I'd bring you along for a walk down memory lane to my early days of puppy ownership.

Klaus Pearl

Here's why I keep a "Warm Fuzzies" folder in my inbox, and why you should, too.


Carbs are great. This week I have decided to give you a list of the top 5 best bagels in New York City, in my opinion. For those who don’t live here, just star this in your inbox for when you come to visit—I promise it’ll be worth it!


The ability to be alone, to let the best and worst thoughts fester in your head for a tad longer than usual, brings on a sense of clarity that there isn’t space for while in the presence of others.


What's hotter than this heatwave?: A definitive list. 


Let's learn from the Italians and take our lunch breaks. 


People are constantly debating life’s vices, and how much of a good thing is too much. What does it matter? 

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I interviewed my own mentor about why mentorship matters. Here's what she had to say.


It's not dumb to check on your friends. Just in case you felt weird about it, it's not. 

TW: topics around suicide

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Christian Girl Autumn is already persona. But if you don't fit into that category, what else is there? Maybe...this?


It's been a minute since I explicitly spoke about mental health in the workplace—largely because it's been...good, lately?? Here's why. 


I've been thinking about friendship a lot. Why is it so hard to make and keep friends when humans are social creatures? When we need each other? Here's my take. 

spongebob friend

Gilmore Girls is forever the most comforting of comfort watches. I will die on this hill. And for some reason, it is specifically relegated to the fall season. The girls who get it get it. 

gilmore religion

In honor of my 3-year NYC-aversary, I share five things I've come to love about New York, along with five lessons I've learned from being here these past three years. 

Michael Scott

I loved A24's new teen slasher, Bodies Bodies Bodies. But one New York Times writer didn't, and I break down the discourse around her DM drama with one of the film's stars, Amandla Stenberg.


What makes smells so emotional to us? I dive into the science of it all. I try to give words to something that is, by our brain's capability, actually indescribable. And that's kind of awesome, isn't it? I can't think of anything more immaculately human than that.


The music gods hath provided this Friday: new Maggienew Beyonce, oh my! I'm not sure what we've done in 2022 to deserve this absolute ✨gift✨ (nothing good, I imagine), and yet here we are. Let's! Talk! Music!


Sharing anecdotes about human behavior is one of the most meaningful ways to learn about each other. Read: Gossip. Rules. 


This is all about the beauty of having hard conversations and telling people how you feel.


Here's why you should treat reading as a hobby, along with some recommendations for summer 2022. 


The dream job is still a job. 


A note following the mass shooting at Uvalde, Texas. TW/Read with care. 


I gathered east vs. best coast rivalries and share a side-by-side comparison of my favorite things.


A reminder that there are parts of our younger selves that we should applaud and even embrace, rather than judge and look down on.


I explain why I rewatch and reread the things I love—and why you should, too. 


This list of A-list celebrities as B-eers is the chaotic fever dream you didn't know you needed. 


If you're looking around and thinking, wait—since when did I enter a new season of life with a new cast of characters, new script, new wardrobe, and new budget? well, you're not alone (and you rarely are). 


My unsolicited advice for adulthood: Avoid the creeps. But if a friend of a friend you've never met asks you to tea, maybe do it?


This one goes out to my fellow fangirls out there. We care—like, a lot. 


Are you tired of talking about the pandemic? So am I. And yet... 


You have a floor and a ceiling in every stage of your career. Once you work up a stage, you hit the ceiling, and that ceiling should become your new floor.


How comfortable are you being alone? When was the last time you actually did an activity alone?


What do you do on Sunday nights? I polled friends on Instagram and got some answers like this.


Prepping your closet for spring? Here's a guest edit from my most fashionable friend, Eli. 


Always keep a bottle of Champagne in the fridge for special occasions. Sometimes, the special occasion is that you’ve got a bottle of Champagne in the fridge.


Let's talk about your reading goals.

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