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Our Work

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Launched the Option B website, social channels, and support groups. Revamped digital strategy across all OptionB.Org social channels and 7 Facebook support groups. Oversaw a Facebook community of 920K+. On Instagram, achieved 63% audience growth, and maintained 40%+ engagement over a 6-month period. Included asset creation for Sheryl Sandberg's personal social channels, with an average engagement of 21K.  


Homwork +

Spearheaded an Instagram partnership with lettering artist Lauren Hom to promote OptionB.Org's #OptionBThere program. Drove 790K+ impressions, 40+ engagements, and an 182% increase of followers during campaign duration.


Julie lythcott-haims

Rebranded and managed social presence for New York Times best-selling author, Julie Lythcott-Haims. Achieved 200%+ increase in Instagram followers, and over 40%+ increase on both Facebook and Twitter. Spearheaded the marketing and outreach campaign for the must-have guide to adulting, Your Turn: How to Be an Adult



Designed and implemented a cohesive and branded social presence for chronic illness community, Chronicon. Saw 125%+ growth over a 9 month period. 

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