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Clarice in studio
Untitled_Artwork 11.png

I’m a California-raised / NYC-based lettering artist and designer with a background in social media and marketing. My work reflects who I am: a type-A “fangirl” who believes in maximalist style, stimulating conversation, and literal fun. 


My relentless enthusiasm is how I went from being a lifelong doodler to a self-employed artist. I’ve worked with brands like Google, Adobe, TED, Jägermeister, and Women’s Health Magazine to bring playfulness to their products and social media pages. 


When I’m not destroying my posture slumping over my latest lettering piece, I am crafting a weekly newsletter no one asked for, painstakingly trying to train my dog, Klaus, working toward my reading goal for the year, trying out local breweries, rewatching my favorite films, walking too fast, or oversharing to anyone who will listen. What can I say, I have a lot of interests. 


I’m constantly looking for awesome humans to work with. Currently, I'm accepting lettering, illustration, writing, and design work. Please use the contact form below to get in touch, and for more details on my social media and marketing experience, check out my resume here.

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