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Floor Time

Floor Time is a weekly Friday newsletter designed to bring some levity to your inbox. You can expect irrelevant content, a touch of self-deprecating humor, and good ole fashioned fun. Try it out—subscribe and read past Floor Times here

Floor Time
​​/flôr tīm/


  1. the 15-60 minute time period spent laying on the floor in the middle of the work day, typically as a relief from the soul-sucking reality of corporate America. 

OptionB.Org "Ask Me Anything" series

Sourced experts and thought leaders to host AMAs with the Option B community, across Facebook and Instagram. A clip from an AMA with influencer Vivian Nuñez received 122K impressions, a record high across all Option B social channels.


Designed and implemented a cohesive and branded social presence for chronic illness community, Chronicon. Saw 125%+ growth over a 9 month period. 

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